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Coming Out Dual-Screen Mobile Phone!

Time:2018/1/22Posted:HK Shenyuan Technology Limited

     Recently there is a mobile phone catches everyone's attention, that is, the newly released ZTE Axon M. With its unique dual-screen design, it quickly became one of the most distinctive products in the mobile circle. Of course, not only one manufacturer is developing dual-screen mobile phone, recently another manufacturer announced a new dual-screen mobile phone patent, it is our aquainted brand -- LG.




     Recently, LG submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization a patent of "mobile phone with a foldable flexible display". According to the patent released pictures, LG's folding phone is similar to ZTE Axon M, almost the same size of the two parts, a camera on one side behind part. When folding, the phone's rear cover can also be pushed out of the part, and the extra part can display time and other information.




     However, LG's dual-screen mobile phone patents is still somewhat different from ZTE Axon M. The two screens of ZTE Axon M are connected by hinge, & work separately; While LG's dual-screen design is an whole OLED screen, so after unfolding, the middle of the phone will not appear "black".


     Unfortunately, LG only announced the patent dual-screen mobile phone, but had no real product available yet. Therefore if you want to buy this type of product, you may need to wait for some more time.


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