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Meizu "MBLU" S6 And Samsung Hand In Hand

Time:2018/1/22Posted:HK Shenyuan Technology Limited

     The full screen wave that started in the second half year of 2017 has not touched Meizu. With the arrival of the new year, its first conference was officially held. The protagonist of this conference announced to be Meizu S6. This phone is important to Meizu, first of all, it leads the head of 2018 for Meizu, then it is the first full screen model of its own brand. These makes S6 have no flaws theoretically.

     Shape: front full screen, & mBack key disappears


     Meizu Meilan, self-claimed "young good product", pricing is often acceptable by fans, but it still inherits Meizu's strict attitude in appearance design. Meizu S6 is the first full-screen design of Meizu brand, after adding this design, it had to rethink from both hardware and software.

     As shown below, Meizu S6 is equipped with a more slender full screen in front, and narrower borders up and down than ever before to improve screen proportion. Followed the biggest change is the

iconic mBack key was removed. Therefore, Meizu S6 put fingerprint function on the side, which is a better idea compared to those post-fingerprint ones; And S6 will join the "leading" interactive mode, and its small circle will return to the form of a virtual key.





     Meizu S6's back adopts integrated metal design, U-shaped antenna plus a single camera, which followed by "mblu" English logo, it is new registered trademark of Meilan for Meizu to open up overseas markets. And in the fuselage side, "MEIZU" logo retained.



Performance: MediaTek is no longer cooperated, but  join hands with Samsung


Meizu S6 is equipped with the Samsung Exynos 7872 processor. And the reason to choose it is because it's Samsung's first full network chipset. Manufactured on the base of 14nm FinFET process, it has two ARM Cortex A73 cores and four ARM Cortex A53 cores, and integrates the T830 MP2 graphics processor, targets at low and mid-range markets.


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